Promo Codes

Promo Codes

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Promo Codes



Promotional codes (promo codes) are codes that can be found in Ads, the Retro Dev Twitter, or the Retro Dev Discord. They can give you goods such as Items, Retrobux or other goods.

Please note that any suggestions here for new Promotional Codes won’t do anything and will most likely be ignored

The Codes

First3verCode 250 Retrobux Expired
RetroAd1 250 Retrobux Expired
CaSe — SenSiTive 250 Retrobux Only once
roblox Roblox theme Multiple times
Enter code here! A kick message Multiple times
AyRay AyRay Mode Multiple times
RetroNet Registers you to the Retro Dev bot-net Expired
RetroDev20K 1,000 Retrobux Expired
1000000 Converts all your Retrobux into Tix Multiple Times
Wyhlster Dumb Like the AyRay code, but with a different hat. Expired
render Teleports you to a place where you can take images of peoples Retrostudio avatars in front of a green screen Multiple Times
FreeRetrobuxReal 250 Retrobux Expired
FakeCodeThatGivesYouNoRetrobux 500 Retrobux Expired
50kMadness! Retro Dev Madness Face Expired
5MilVibes 500 Retrobux Expired
TweetTweet 1,000 Retrobux Expired
sitebeta Takes you to a beta place for the new home GUI Multiple Times
July1st 250 Retrobux Expired
July4th 250 Retrobux Expired
30K Group 500 Retrobux and the Retro Madness face Expired
MyThemeIsTheBestTheme 1,000 Retrobux Expired
Maid Gives you a maid shirt and pants Expired
SuspiciousCode Gives you the «Among Meter» on the home page Expired
Retro50K 2,500 Retrobux Expired
RetroParticles50K Gives you a particle hat that emits Retrostudio Rs Expired
Easter2022 500 Retrobux Expired
the retro studio 500 Retrobux Expired
patience 1,000 Retrobux after the countdown ends Expired
baubles A cookie clicker like minigame Multiple Times
steadiyer Fake Ban Message Expired
corrupt Corrupts the main menu gui Multiple Times
RetrostudioSummer Will remove every button except the Avatar, then the sound’s pitch gets deeper then your avatar jumpscares you and shows a kick message. Then gives 250 Retrobux. Expired
anonymous5 Pops up a fake message saying «Promocode redeemed! Got 200 Retrobux», changes all sound effects to fart sounds Expired
July1st2022 Gives out a Top Hat and 350 Retrobux Expired
July4th2022 Gives «CotM: July Independent» hat Expired
70Group 1,000 Retrobux and the Beautiful Retro Hair For Beautiful Retro People Expired
AmongUsMeal2021 -1 Retrobux. Expired
Vexture 500 Retrobux Expired
Ti2kTo2k 250 Retrobux Expired
BlameLordUnderHallow 1,000 Retrobux Expired
RealPromoCode 250 Retrobux Expired
CYB3R 250 Retrobux Expired
WinterWarm 250 Retrobux and the Retro Scarf Only Once


  • The roblox promo code doesn’t actually grant you anything, instead it replaces multiple images with one of ROBLOX’s logos, and replaces some text to say ROBLOX instead of what they actually say. Example of this is the top navigation bar.
  • The AyRay promo code kinda has the same effect, but instead of replacing things, a little gui pops up on the bottom left corner, and when you press Yay!, AyRay’s hat slowly comes to your screen, with multiple more appearing. Then it starts rotating.
  • The Enter code here! promo code kicks you when you enter it.
    • This code was actually a suggestion from aadenboy, instead saying the kick message should say «You’re not funny.» upon redeeming the code.
  • The 1000000 promo code takes away all of your Retrobux upon redeeming it. Well, not actually. Your Retrobux has not actually changed and will return to normal after rejoining. But, once the number reaches 0, it replaces the icon with Tix and changes your balance to this sentence: «Solve for a: a * b^4 = 2a — 3.4b + ab^4»
    • If you want to know what a is, then here you go.
  • The render promotional code was made by AyRay because he saw that the picture in each of the player’s articles had the avatar editor background in it.
  • In total the codes give you 13,350 (or 13,349 if including the code that removes 1 retrobux) Retrobux and the same face two times.
  • The July1st promotional code was a promo code that was available from July 1st/July 2nd (depending on your timezone) to July 2nd/July 3rd (depending on your timezone). Happy Canada Day! 😀
  • «CaSe — SenSiTive«, «Enter code here!«, «Whylster Dumb«, «30K Group» and «the retro studio» are the only promotional codes with spaces.
  • The MyThemeIsTheBestTheme promotional code was added when there was a poll in the Retro Dev Discord Server’s announcement channel about what theme you like best.
  • Both the SuspiciousCode code and the Maid code were only redeemable for about 15 minutes.
  • The Easter2022 promotional code was given out during the RetroStudio Easter Egg Hunt 2022 event.
  • «the retro studio» is a promotional code that was created on June 1st, when RetroStudio was back.
  • The patience promotional code requires you to wait 4 hours (14400 seconds) for the timer to count down to 0 to get the retrobux.
  • baubles was previously featured in the april fools update, it was put on everyones home screen.
  • steadiyer is similar to the Enter Code Here! code but basically gave a fake ban message and tricked people.
  • RetrostudioSummer also gives 250 Retrobux after you get kicked.
  • The corrupt code literally corrupts your whole game.
  • Using corrupt code you can see some admin tools like ban player.
    • However they will not work if you’re not admin.
  • The anonymous5 code was created after he asked ayray several times to add a anonymous5 code after the steadiyer code was created.
  • The code AmongUsMeal2021 is the only code to take away some of your Retrobux.
  • The code Vexture was made after Cristiano100 was banned from said persons server, in which he told users to spam ping them for free retrobux.
  • The code Ti2kTo2k was made as a thank you for reaching 2k followers on retro devs offiicial tiktok account.
  • The code BlameLordUnderHallow was made as an apology for the long wait for the event.
  • The code CYB3R was made for the Cyber Monday sale.


PromoCodesScreen' data-image-name='PromoCodesScreen.png' data-image-key='PromoCodesScreen.png' data-caption='The menu where you put your promo codes into.' data-src='

The menu where you put your promo codes into.

Robloxpromo' data-image-name='Robloxpromo.png' data-image-key='Robloxpromo.png' data-caption='The screen after you redeem the roblox promo code.' data-src='

The screen after you redeem the roblox promo code.

Echkickmessage' data-image-name='Echkickmessage.png' data-image-key='Echkickmessage.png' data-caption='The kick message you get when you enter the Enter code here! promo code, you unfunny bastard.' data-src='

The kick message you get when you enter the Enter code here! promo code, you unfunny bastard.

Lmao' data-image-name='Lmao.png' data-image-key='Lmao.png' data-caption='ayray' data-src='


PromoCodesEveryCode2' data-image-name='PromoCodesEveryCode2.png' data-image-key='PromoCodesEveryCode2.png' data-caption='chaos' data-src='


CodeRetroNet' data-image-name='CodeRetroNet.png' data-image-key='CodeRetroNet.png' data-caption='The message you would have gotten after using the code RetroNet' data-src='

The message you would have gotten after using the code RetroNet

RenderPromocode' data-image-name='RenderPromocode.png' data-image-key='RenderPromocode.png' data-caption='The place you go to after using code render' data-src='

The place you go to after using code render

RobloxScreenShot20210522 113254377' data-image-name='RobloxScreenShot20210522 113254377.png' data-image-key='RobloxScreenShot20210522_113254377.png' data-caption='Wyhlster Dumb CODE why is not cool' data-src='

Wyhlster Dumb CODE why is not cool

Code baubles' data-image-name='Code baubles.png' data-image-key='Code_baubles.png' data-caption='The baubles code' data-src='

The baubles code

RetrostudioSummer' data-image-name='RetrostudioSummer.png' data-image-key='RetrostudioSummer.png' data-caption='RetrostudioSummer, this is an avatar screen before you get jumpscares.' data-src='

RetrostudioSummer, this is an avatar screen before you get jumpscares.

RobloxScreenShot20220622 121942854' data-image-name='RobloxScreenShot20220622 121942854.png' data-image-key='RobloxScreenShot20220622_121942854.png' data-caption='Example of what happens if you use Corrupt code' data-src='

Example of what happens if you use Corrupt code

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